How it works

Step 1

We gather 1,000 people at a time who want to refinance their auto loans.

Step 2

Once we hit 1K people, we’ll get banks to bid on the discounts they’ll offer to the group.

Step 3

We compare offers and make them available to you, for free.

We can only negotiate discounts if we get 1,000+ people together

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All or nothing: We will negotiate a deal if this group reaches 1,000 people

Why you should trust us

Exceptional Founders

Our founders Nikhil and Chris started Juno a few years ago when they were shopping around for loans for Harvard Business School.

They gathered a group of 700 people who needed loans together. Then, they got a dozen lenders to bid on the rates they would offer to members of the group.

They realized that lenders are willing to offer discounts to large groups that they would not otherwise offer to individuals.

Proven Track Record

Since then, Juno has helped over 30,000 members create negotiation pods for various financial products.

We are thrilled to bring our expertise to the auto loan industry and to help you get the rates you deserve.

Free for you and aligned with your incentives

Since members of the community never pay us, we charge all lenders a set fee that is agreed before the negotiations begin. That way, we can’t be swayed by a larger financial incentive. The only way to win the auction is to offer our community the best rates and terms.

How we save you money

We get that money back to you

Instead, we pitch lenders an alternative: give our members better rates and avoid spending thousands of dollars per customer on marketing. It saves them time and money, and we end up getting our community better rates for free.

Lenders spend way too much on marketing

Lenders spend so much money on marketing. This year, SoFi spent 400 million dollars on the naming rights to a stadium. All those costs get passed along to borrowers in the form of higher interest rates.

Why Juno


Aggregate amount our members saved in interests and fees on their loans


Additional cashback distributed to our members


Happy members who recommend us to their friends

We’re the first collective bargaining group for financial products.

We’ve helped 30,000+ members access over $200M in loans at the lowest costs available.

Got Questions?
We got Answers.

We understand that our negotiation process can be complicated. Please ask us any and all questions you have.

As a founder of Juno, I check more frequently than my personal email.


As we grow the group, we love hearing from the community. On Facebook, we’ll be posting educational material, news, and updates about our negotiations.

There, you’ll be able to hear from other members and chat about the best ways to approach auto financing, general financing, and anything else on your mind.

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