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We really wish we could tell you your exact rate, but everyone gets a different rate and we’re still honing our crystal ball skills.
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APRs include Auto Pay rate reduction where applicable2

APRs do not include additional Juno benefits

How does this compare to rates from other lenders?

To compare rates, you can apply to several lenders and receive your personalized quote. Then, you can use our calculator 5to compare any quotes you’ve received.

Juno Rewards

We give you at least 0.5% of your loan amount back when you use one of our negotiated deals.

What are Juno Rewards?

Most partners who work with us pass along a referral fee when you take a loan. Rather keep all of that to ourselves, we’re giving you a bonus using those funds. This is separate from our existing referral bonuses and any additional discounts we’ve negotiated.

How are the rewards calculated?

We’re giving you at least 0.5% of the loan you take using your special Juno link. So if you take out a loan for $60,000, you’re going to get a check for at least $300. No strings attached.

When will I receive Juno rewards?

You’ll receive your Juno Reward once the partner confirms that Juno will be paid for referring you to them. Typically, this happens a few days after when the loan amount gets sent by the lender to the school. The exact date should be in your final loan documents.

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Members apply directly to the lender offering the lowest rates exclusively via Juno.

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Benefits of the Negotiated Deal

  • Juno Cash Reward
    At least 0.50% of Loan Amount
  • No early repayment penalty
  • Up to 4.00% Lower Rate
    (compared to directly applying to a lender)
  • No application fee
  • 0.25% Auto Pay Discount


How does Juno make money?
We do charge our partners a set fee – it’s set before the formal auction, so companies can’t sway us by offering more money. The only way to become an official partner is by offering our members the best rates. 

When you use our special link, you'll get a discount and we'll get a portion of the loan you take, but you're always free to go directly to the site as well.
What is the disbursement timing?
Usually, the loan is disbursed right before the start of the semester, so if you needed one for the fall term, August. 

But we recommend coordinating with your financial aid office to ensure that the funds are disbursed at the time you would like them to be. Our understanding is that the financial aid office communicates the disbursement dates to the lender.
Can I increase the loan amount later?
You will have to directly contact the lender to ask if the loan amount can be increased and they might require you to apply for a new loan. Depending if our partnership with the lender is still going or not you might not get the same rates.
Why do we have multiple partners this year?
We couldn’t find a single option that got the lowest rates for everyone in the group. We’ve recommended the one we think will give you the best deal, but you’re welcome to apply to the others. We do not make any more money from one vs the other, so rest assured knowing your recommendations are based on saving you the most money.

All of these options are better than what you would get if you directly went to their site.
Does my income now influence the rates I would get for the loans?
When we release the deal and you apply with the lender, we recommend listing your income at that time that you can prove via pay stubs etc. If a cosigner is required, you may be asked to provide their income information as well.
When does interest begin accruing?
Interest usually begins accruing when the loan is disbursed to your school. Your university communicates the disbursement date(s) with lenders, and there can be multiple. As a result, you may want to check in with the Billing Department to see when the funds would be disbursed so that you know when your interest begins accruing. 

If your school splits up the loan on a semester basis, which is common, then you would only begin accruing interest on the portion that is disbursed rather than the full amount. So if you took out $80,000 – $40,000 for the fall, and $40,000 for the spring, then you would only begin accruing interest on the first $40,000 in the fall when initially disbursed. When the latter portion is disbursed in the spring, you would then accrue interest on the full $80,000. 

Got Questions? We Got Answers.

We understand that student loans and our negotiation process can be complicated. Please ask us any and all questions you have.

As a founder of Juno, I check support@joinjuno.com more frequently than my personal email.