Skip upcoming rate hikes and lock in good terms now

Student loans are about to get more expensive, but we’ve got a plan for you.


Here’s what you need to know


Interest rates are on the rise, and we’re forecasting increases in student loan costs over the next few months.


Students who know where they'll be in the fall have an advantage – they can apply for student loans now and lock in terms at current low rates.


Starting the process now means you can always cancel later if you like, but keeps you protected from upcoming rate hikes.


As long as your loan application is in “pending certification” status, you can rest easy knowing you nabbed a great deal in the nick of time.


There’s no additional cost here –interest only begins accruing once the loan is disbursed to the school so you won't incur a larger fee by applying early.


Borrow the maximum you can / think you’ll need so you don’t need to deal with applying again for more funds at a higher rate.

Here’s the data.

We’re carefully tracking the market, and you can see the starkest example here with Ascent, a highly vetted lender.

Based off this trajectory, we think other lenders will assume similar paths, so the time to lock in your terms is now.


*based off lowest advertised fixed interest rate for Ascent. See terms for full details