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We offer exclusive rate discounts, scholarships, financial literacy, and much more! Plus, you'll be able to give new Juno members $100 (and receive $100 yourself) whenever they take a loan via your link.

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What is Juno?

We are on a mission to reduce the financial burden of higher education.

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We do this by getting students lower rates on loans than they could ever get on their own through group buying.

And we need your help to reach more people.

100+ million in savings

Between initial loan rate reductions and member rewards

Services we'd love to partner on

Undergraduate loans

For undergrads who’ve hit the caps on Federally Held Student Loans. Our deal reduces your interest rate & has no origination fee.

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Graduate loans

A good alternative to Federal Loans for people with good credit or a co-signer. Receive either an interest rate reduction or cash back.

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Refinance loans

Lower your existing student loans by converting them into a new loan with a better interest rate. Best for people with a steady income. Depending on borrower location & occupation, we’ll recommend the best option. Deals feature cash back or a rate reduction.

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Some of the many benefits

Refinancing that gives you back a little extra

You’ll receive up to $1,000 total (from both us and our lenders) for refinancing through us.


Resources to get the full picture

Help your members gain control over their finances with our financial literacy tools and training programs.

We’re here for you every step of the way

We’ll give you 1-on-1 phone support to help your community tackle their student debt.


Interested in partnering with us?

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