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More affordable than a university's insurance plan

We did the math and you could save $1,000 - $3,000 per year. We also made sure the coverage meets your university requirements.

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Guaranteed University Acceptance of Waiver

ISO will refund any amount that you have paid for the plan if the university rejects your waiver request

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Why does my university appear as ineligible on ISO's webpage?
Unfortunately, some universities don't allow waivers, work with exclusive providers, or ask for specific requirements. We are working to incorporate more universities soon.

What happens if I buy ISO insurance and my university declines the waiver?
If for any reason your university rejects ISO insurance as a waiver, ISO will refund 100% of what you paid.

Will my university allow me to waive my insurance?
Most universities accept insurance waivers. You have to submit proof of coverage before the waiver deadline. ISO plans are tailored to meet each university health insurance requirements.

When you click on the Juno link, you will be redirected to ISO’s portal where you’ll be asked for your status and university. ISO plans are tailored to the requirements of each university.

How do I submit my waiver?
After buying your insurance, click on the “Submit your waiver” link to redirect to your university waiver portal. 

How long does ISO take to process my insurance?
It's immediate!

Why is the ISO plan cheaper than my university plan?
There are a variety of factors that affect the premium of health insurance. Some important ones are co-insurance, copays, deductibles and coverage. 

Something that is unique in university plans is that they usually charge one price to all students regardless of other conditions. ISO does in fact take into account other factors like age when quoting your insurance.

What is the provider network in ISO's plans?
In most cases it is Cigna, but that is specified in your plan under Schedule of Benefits.

What is ISO?
ISO has been specializing in the international financial services market for years, serving as leading developer and distributor of products and services designed especially for the needs of international students, overseas workers, and multinational clients.