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We really wish we could tell you your exact rate, but everyone gets a different rate and we’re still honing our crystal ball skills.

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Term1 APR2
5 Years 1.09% - 5.65%
7 Years 3.65% - 5.75%
10 Years 2.64% - 5.80%
12 Years 3.95% - 6.10%
15 Years 2.84% - 6.50%

APRs include Auto Pay rate reduction where applicable3

Juno Rewards

We give you at least 0.5% of your loan amount back when you use one of your negotiated deals

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How does this compare to rates from other lenders?

To compare rates, you can apply to several lenders and receive your personalized quote. Then, you can compare the quotes to decide which one is best for you. Don't forget to consider Federal student loans before any private student loans.

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Members apply directly to the lender offering the lowes rates exclusively via Juno.

Juno took so much of the stress out of financing my education.

Dan R
MIT - 2021

Benefits of the negotiated deal

-> Lower Rates (Options available based on lender)
-> Option for Juno cash reward
-> No Fees (No Application, No Origination and No Prepayment Fees)5

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