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How it Works

We gather groups of people who want to save money by refinancing their student loans and get lenders to compete for our business.

How it Works
Step 1.

You sign up.

You answer a few questions about yourself and the student loan you want to refinance

Step 2.

We run a bid.

Once we hit 2,000 people, we get lenders to bid on the exclusive discounts they’ll offer the group

Step 3.

We compare.

We share the negotiated deals with you and you can decide to use it or not.

There’s no commitment.

Why Juno?

We’re the first collective bargaining group for financial products. We’ve helped 80,000+ members access over $250M in loans at the lowest costs available.


Demand from our community.


Additional cashback distributed to our members.

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Summary (TL;DR)

As you know, options are currently limited for internationals looking to refinance their student loans (i.e. there are none).

But, if we gather a large group together, we believe we can help you refinance those loans at much lower rates. We can’t make any promises about the outcome, but the larger we grow the group, the harder it is to ignore.

We are assembling a large group of international students & alumni who are looking to refinance their student loans in 2022. We will use our combined leverage to get everyone a better refinancing option. The only requirement is that you are currently working and that you reside in the United States. Where you attended school & the denomination the loan is in do not matter. If you are still in school, sign up now and we’ll try to negotiate a deal for when you graduate.

What do you need from me?

We need basic information about your degree, school, terms of your current loan, and employer. We’d also love it if you could help spread the word so that we can bring a more powerful hand at the negotiating table. We need to hit $100M of loans to be refinanced before we can engage lenders. Remember, there’s no commitment and it’s always free.

We are confident that if we can get enough international students looking to refinance together, we can either get a domestic lender to offer the group a better refinancing option.

Why you should trust us

Our founders Nikhil and Chris started Juno a few years ago when they were shopping around for loans for Harvard Business School.

They gathered a group of 700 people who needed loans together. Then, they got a dozen lenders to bid on the rates they would offer to members of the group.

They realized that lenders are willing to offer discounts to large, diverse groups that they would not otherwise offer to individuals.

Since then, Juno has helped over 80,000 members create negotiation pods for various financial products.

We are thrilled to expand our offering to include international students and to help you get the rates you deserve.

Since members of the community never pay us, we charge all lenders a set fee that is agreed before the negotiations begin. That way, we can’t be swayed by a larger financial incentive. The only way to win the auction is to offer our community the best rates and terms.

How this works

Lenders spend lots of money on marketing. For example, one lender reportedly will spend $400M over 20 years for the naming rights to a stadium. In comparison, 80%+ of our members find out about us from a friend.

Instead, we pitch lenders an alternative: give our members better rates and avoid spending thousands of dollars per customer on marketing. It saves them time and money, and we end up getting our community better rates for free.

Free, Fast and Easy

Signing up is free and takes less than 1 minute. We don’t run a credit check and don’t need your social security number.

Better Loans

Months of research and the competitive process ensure that our members get the best rates in the market and you’re always free to compare yourself!


Invite those you care about and help the negotiation be successful. The larger the group, the better our chances of success. You'll also get rewarded for helping the group succeed.


We will keep you informed through the entire process so you can make informed decisions about your financing.

Got questions?

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