Here are some reviews back when our name was LeverEdge. Don’t worry – that’s the only thing that’s changed.

The deal I was offered blew all of my other options completely out of the water, and is saving me thousands of dollars

I initially went with SunTrust ... I sadly got a 6.7 rate ... I just got my order from Juno and it's 4.475!

I've applied for over 20 loans last year, and this one gave me the best interest rate and flexibility on repayment terms.

I just got the Juno rates. Way better than anything else I could find! Ended up closing on 5%.

Rates are way better than the federal loans. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Juno was my best option (for the second year in a row.)

Beat my next best offer by at least a full percentage point (for similar terms).

I wish I had known about this coming into my first year, and am really happy with my low rate and how easy it is!

I had applied for loans through Laurel Roads and got 5.3%+ offers then re-applied with Juno and got 4.7% rates (also through Laurel Roads).

I did the Juno process (group negotiating) and the lender is Laurel Rd and my rate options are mostly in the 4/s.

I just got my loans through Juno. Their rate beat every other private lender that I had considered including the federal options.

I just secured my first year MBA loan for 5.535% fixed over 15 years using Juno.

I spent a lot of time researching, and their deal rate was better than what I found via other private lender apps or fedgov.

This is the group that negotiated lower rates (a whole point lower) last year. It’s free to sign up and non-binding.

It was definitely the lowest rate I found across a bunch of different lenders so just thought I'd share here!

Thanks a lot for doing this!! For me, it made a huge difference from 8-9% to 5-6%.

Thanks! Beat my Sallie Mae by 0.5% but doesn't require monthly payments.

Thanks all I just secured my loan for 5.5% beating CommonBond by an entire 1%. Thanks.

The negotiated interest rate was so much better than the rates offered by other lenders.

Fantastic idea. Wish my wife had it for law school

It was good. I would do it for my next loan, especially if I knew about it sooner.

I was able to get a cheaper private loan compared to the federal loans I would have had to utilize instead.

Being able to collectively bargain given our unique school status / rank

superb! This was by far the best rate I received. The process was very simple and I would do it next year 100%

Regular communication to keep us updated was very helpful - Low rate!

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