High Yield Savings,

with a cash bonus.

Get a 5.25% return on your savings1
  • Get Exclusive Cash Back
  • Top of Market APY
  • No Fees
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000





In savings

How We Got These Deals

Step 1.

12,000+ signed up.

Juno & Smarter College members combined their voices to start a negotiation group designed to get a better bank account.

Step 2.

Banks competed.

We reached out to dozens of reputable, national banks and asked them for their best offers.

Step 3.

We share.

We’re sharing the negotiated deal with the Juno community and new members (not just students!) so that you can decide to use it or not.

Our Deal Offers


Cash Bonus

5%+ Yields

No direct deposit required

No monthly fees

FDIC Insured


Here’s what we prioritized in negotiations:

The highest possible return on your investment

No minimum deposit or balance

No opening costs or fees

No maintenance fees

No credit check

A special benefit for people in our group

Do you keep your cash in a savings account with low yield? Most people still do. Let’s change that.

Too many people still keep their money in bank accounts that earn little to no interest.

Today, the right savings accounts (high yield) are earning upwards of 5% – that’s $500 each year on a $10,000 bank balance.

We built a group of savers who want to access the best savings account available. Together, we convinced banks to offer better rates and sign up bonuses. The best part - it’s free and there’s no commitment for you to do anything.

Why trust us? We’ve done this before. Since 2018, we’ve helped thousands of people access discounted rates on nearly a billion dollars worth of student loans and other financial products. Tell your friends, and we can all save more together.

Why Juno?

Juno has helped thousands of students and families work towards financial independence for free.

Now, we are working to help you access the best savings account out there.


Why a High Yield Savings Account?

The sad truth is that the vast majority of banked individuals store their funds in savings accounts that offer little to no annual yield. Banks profit immensely off this practice, and take advantage of the lack of financial literacy in this country. Bank of America, for example, offers a Savings account with .01% APY.

You don’t need to settle for this. Any decent bank will offer you a high yield savings account with at least 4% APY – that’s a 400x difference.

For example, if you have $10,000 in a savings account, Bank of America would give you $1. A competitor offering 4% would give you $400 per year to keep your money in their account.

There is no significant difference between these options, besides the fact that Bank of America is profiting off your savings and not sharing it with you, while the competition is sharing.

Savings Accounts are not investments - they’re just bank accounts designed to store money without tying it up in funds or CDs. You can remove your cash at any time, without liquidating assets or paying fees. It’s one of the safest ways to make money.

Historically, high yield savings accounts have been largely ignored because they did not offer any real return on capital. But with the changing interest rate environment, APY have skyrocketed. And banks are passing this benefit onto you.