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Grow the group to 6,000 students by the end of May

The larger the group, the more bargaining power we have and the better rates we can negotiate.

13,433 members in the group
Goal of 6,000

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Estimated Savings Compared to Federal Loans

Based on 2019 Deal for Select Graduate Programs

Estimated Savings


Over the Life of the Loan

Payments Our Deal Federal
Monthly (After School) $ $
Total $ $
Term Yr 10 Yr
Payment Plan Deferred

Assumptions common to both calculations

  • Assumes interest accrues in college
  • Assumes interest accrues during grace period
  • Assumes that the student is in college for 2 years + 6 month grace
  • Accrued interest capitalizes upon entering repayment

Assumptions with the Federal Loan Calculation

  • Assumes first disbursement is after July 1st 2019 and before September 30th
  • 6.08% Interest Rate for the First $20,500
  • 7.08% Interest Rate for anything above that
  • 1.062% Origination Fee for the First $20,500
  • 4.248% Origination Fee for anything above that

For the Laurel Road Calculation

  • Assumes FICO score between 740 and 760
  • Assumes auto-pay discount when applicable

Please note that the calculator is based on the deal we negotiated for Juno Members at select graduate programs interested in a loan for Fall 2019. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to negotiate a similar offer for students seeking a loan in Fall 2020. Of course, we will try our best to meet or exceed your expectations.

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