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Juno is negotiating for 26,632 students seeking $955.82M in student loans!

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How it Works

We gather groups of students and get top lenders to give us bulk discounts.

You sign up.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and help us grow our negotiating power by spreading the word.


We run a bid.

Using the power of your voices, we make lenders compete for our collective business. New Juno members are still welcome during this time!


We compare.

We share the negotiated deals with you and you can decide to use it or not.

There’s no commitment.

How it Works
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How we save you money

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Through the power of 192,533+ members

Our collective voices hold so much strength at the negotiating table. Thanks to this, whenever we talk to lenders, we have a ton of leverage to get our community better deals.

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Lenders want our collective business

Financial institutions want to lend money. More volume, even if the volume is getting a better deal, is better for them. And better rates is better for you. It’s a rare win win.

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Our Journey

We’re committed to saving students money

Our founders Nikhil and Chris started Juno a few years ago when they were shopping around for loans for Harvard Business School.

They gathered a group of 700 people who needed loans together. Then, they got a dozen lenders to bid on the rates they would offer to members of the group.

They realized that lenders are willing to offer discounts to large, diverse groups that they would not otherwise offer to individuals.

Now, we’re running another round of negotiations for fall 2024!

Free, Fast and Easy

Signing up is free and takes less than 2 minutes. We don’t run a credit check and don’t need your social security number.


Better Deals

Months of research and the competitive process ensure that our members get the best rates in the market. You’re always free to compare yourself!



Invite those you care about and help the negotiation be successful. The larger the group, the better our chances of success. You'll also get rewarded for helping grow our community.



We will keep you informed through the entire process so you can make informed decisions.


Can I apply at any point of the year and get the same rates?
Not necessarily - rates tend to fluctuate and our deals can change. The partnerships that we have on specific deals are time limited. Once you know you need a loan, that would be a good time to sign up. 

In general, signing up early helps us negotiate a better deal because we can demonstrate demand to partners. 

Can I increase the loan amount later?
You will have to directly contact the lender to ask if the loan amount can be increased and they might require you to apply for a new loan. Depending if our partnership with the lender is still going or not you might not get the same rates.

How does Juno make money?
We charge our partners a percentage of the loan amount our members borrow from lenders – it’s set before the formal auction, so companies can’t sway us by offering more money. The partner is selected based on Juno's analysis with the objective of finding the partner that will offer you the best rates. 

When you use our special link, you’ll get a discount from the lender, or other incentive such as a cash payment from Juno, which we’ve negotiated. We’ll receive the fee described above from our partner, which is calculated as a percentage of your final loan amount, but you’re always free to go directly to the partner’s site as well.

To clarify, we receive compensation from the financial services companies appearing on this page.

What is the disbursement timing?
Usually, the loan is disbursed right before the start of the semester, so if you needed one for the fall term, August. 

But we recommend coordinating with your financial aid office to ensure that the funds are disbursed at the time you would like them to be. Our understanding is that the financial aid office communicates the disbursement dates to the lender.

Got questions?

Drop us a line at hello@joinjuno.com.