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Best 14 Student Loan Memes To Share With Your Friends

One of the bright sides of student loans is how relatable they are. This article compiles some laughs to have about your student loans.

Paying back your student loans can be a tough, at times painful process. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently working to pay off their loans, with the end goal of being debt-free far in sight. 

We might not be able to speed up the process of repayment for you (unless you want to refinance and save time and money potentially), but in the meantime here is our list of the best 14 student loan debt memes to share with your friends. If you’re looking for a quick laugh or some solidarity over the debt-inflicted pain you’re feeling, come take a look at this article. 

1. First off, Sallie Mae. If you’re one of the thousands of people that Sallie Mae has put into immense student loan debt, this tweet is for you. 

2. And for those with loans who aren’t so excited to graduate from their college or university…

3. Cancel culture may be a good thing after all! 

4. This tweet raises a much greater question- why do we choose to call it student loan ‘forgiveness’? What did we do wrong?

5. We don’t need a caption for this one. 

6. If this meme applies to you, you deserve a lot more than just student loan forgiveness:

7. Just an observation...

8. For those who are beginning to question everything: 

9. For those looking for ways to cope with their debt:

10. Another Sallie Mae tweet. If you’re willing to do anything at this point, this meme is for you:

11. We could all use a bit more from FAFSA. 

12. The unfortunate reality of interest accumulation:

13. The difference a couple years and a student loan can make:

14. We wish it could be this simple...

These student loan debt memes are meant to give you a laugh, but we do understand how tough paying off your debts can be. If you’re applying for private student loans this year, skip Sallie Mae. Our negotiated deals will offer you the lowest rates on your private student loans, guaranteed. If you do have to take out student loans, we want you to have the most affordable option. 

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