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Juno benefits

We’ll give you back a little extra for joining through us depending on your refinance option.

Folded medical clothing

Medical refinance loan

Our partner offers rates that are .25% lower (ex. 3.5% becomes 3.25%).


Loan Refinancing Benefits

You’ll receive up to $1,000 total (from both us and our partners) for refinancing through us.

Common question:

Why should I refinance my student loans?

Benefits of the negotiated deal

-> Lower Rates (Options available based on lender)
-> Up to $1000 Cash Back (Options available based on lender)
-> No Fees (No Application, No Origination and No Prepayment Fees)5

Thousands of members helped us get here

Thanks to our community, we’ve successfully negotiated a deal for our members. Now, you’re free to join and access those same options.

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